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Ratland: Conquest of the Sewers board game Review

Think like a rat. Act like a rat. BE A RAT! so begins the presentation of Ratland: Conquest of the Sewers, a game designed by Eduardo García and published by Eclipse Editorial and Draco Ideas. In Ratland you will be in charge of your own clan of rats, your goal is to make your clan grow more than the others and to achieve it you will have to feed it, take care of it and make your subjects to reproduce.

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Ratland: La conquista de la Cloaca, guía a tu clan de ratas a la victoria (Reseña)

Piensa como una rata. Actúa como una rata. ¡SÉ UNA RATA!, así comienza la presentación de Ratland: La conquista de la Cloaca un juego creado por Eduardo García y publicado por Eclipse Editorial. En él estarás a cargo de tu propio clan de ratas, tu objetivo es hacer que tu clan crezca más que los otros, para ello deberás alimentarlo, cuidarlo y hacer que tus súbditos se reproduzcan. 

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Skull Tales: Full Sail! Miniatures Game goes to Kickstarter

After the successful crowdfunding campaign for RatLand, Draco Ideas and Eclipse Editorial return to the ring with another proposal in Kickstarter which looks very good, it is nothing less than the miniatures game called Skull Tales: Full sail! These publishers do not take a breath, Ratland has barely reached his backers, stores and distributors and they have already announced their new campaign, with a game in which they have been working since last year. The launch date will be next Tuesday, May 8 at 4:00 pm (Spanish time), that day is also the first anniversary of the launching of...

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Sector 6 Board Game Review

Sector 6 is a game from Dracoideas publisher succesfully funded through Kickstarter, it’s a board game with tile placement, direct confrontation, movement, puzzle and resource management. Do you want to know what is this all about or how does all of this fit? Just keep reading. Obliti is the roughest prison in the universe, rights are non-existent, everything must be earned, even at the expense of others. Each cycle the sadistic guards of the jail open access to the so-called Sector 6 of the prison to couples of unfortunate prisoners who will work as a team to get enough oxygen...

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