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Skull Tales: Full Sail! Miniatures Game goes to Kickstarter

After the successful crowdfunding campaign for RatLand, Draco Ideas and Eclipse Editorial return to the ring with another proposal in Kickstarter which looks very good, it is nothing less than the miniatures game called Skull Tales: Full sail! These publishers do not take a breath, Ratland has barely reached his backers, stores and distributors and they have already announced their new campaign, with a game in which they have been working since last year. The launch date will be next Tuesday, May 8 at 4:00 pm (Spanish time), that day is also the first anniversary of the launching of...

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Sector 6 Board Game Review

Sector 6 is a game from Dracoideas publisher succesfully funded through Kickstarter, it’s a board game with tile placement, direct confrontation, movement, puzzle and resource management. Do you want to know what is this all about or how does all of this fit? Just keep reading. Obliti is the roughest prison in the universe, rights are non-existent, everything must be earned, even at the expense of others. Each cycle the sadistic guards of the jail open access to the so-called Sector 6 of the prison to couples of unfortunate prisoners who will work as a team to get enough oxygen...

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Sector 6 Juego de mesa Reseña

Sector 6 es un juego de la editorial española Dracoideas, es un juego de mesa con colocación de losetas, confrontación directa, movimiento, puzzle y manejo de recursos ¿quieres saber de qué va o cómo encaja todo esto? Sigue leyendo. Obliti es la prisión más ruda del universo, los derechos son inexistentes, todo debes ganártelo, aunque sea a costa de otros. Cada ciclo los sádicos guardias de la cárcel abren el acceso al llamado Sector 6 de la prisión a parejas de desdichados prisioneros que trabajarán en equipo para conseguir suficientes puntos de oxígeno y sobrevivir al menos hasta el...

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