Jueves, 26 Octubre 2017 00:00

Where are we going - Notas desde el Garage

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Our writer Andrés Mora tells us where is he going with his articles and what to expect of them.

This is our new section Notas from the Garage, where an awarded modelist will give us recommendations and will answer our questions about this hobby.

Jueves, 28 Septiembre 2017 00:00

Tales from the Loop Role Play System

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Summary and review of Tales From the Loop Role Playing Game, winner of five Ennie  awards 2017, find out why it deserved all those awards, including Product of the Year.

Lunes, 25 Septiembre 2017 00:00

Myths at War card game review

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Would you like to know what it would be to have your favorite pantheon of Heroes and Gods at your disposal and confront rival pantheons for supremacy? Who would you choose? Thor? Ares? Cthulhu? if this appeals to you  then you should take a look at Myths at War.

Domingo, 03 Septiembre 2017 00:00

Tales From the Loop RPG, Setting

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Reviewing and commenting Tales from the Loop the role playing game, this RPG was the star in The Ennie Awards, winning Product of the Year, Best Game and more...

Dized wants us to be able to play our games right after we unbox them, but they have much more to offer to gamers community, check this out.