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Myths at War card game review

Would you like to know what it would be to have your favorite pantheon of Heroes and Gods at your disposal and confront rival pantheons for supremacy? Who would you choose? Thor? Ares? Cthulhu? if this appeals to you  then you should take a look at Myths at War.

Myths at War The Card Game Review

Sun Wukong Chinese God who inspired the creation of Son GokúImagine that you are a powerful being with the most powerful gods, heroes, mortals and artifacts of your favorite mythology at your disposal. Imagine that you can summon Quetzalcoatl, Thor, Wendigo or Hercules to assist you in the battle against your rivals, who have access to Olympus, Camelot or Naraka, if you like the idea Welcome to War of Myths .

Myths at War is a spaniard card game created by Francisco Gallego introducing us to a story where gods and other fantastic beings, objects and places from many mythologies around the world have appeared on Earth and are in the midst of a battle to control the world.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that it is not only a simple game but it also has a novel and a series of short stories  that will give more life and immersion to those who decide to enter this game. Having said that, let's talk about Myht of War more deeply.


It seems to me that the art deserves a title for itself, in general the art goes from regular to really spectacular , especially I like the Chinese cards of the 3rd Era, they are just beautiful. Which is not to say that all the illustrations are excellent, but this is something that happened even in a game as popular as Magic: The Gathering, specially the first years, there are simply several illustrators, several styles and different tastes .

However, in spite of not knowing all the cards, I think that the illustrations generally represent well what they want, so I would say they fulfill their objective.  

The game

Pantheon AsgardFirst of all it is important to clarify that one of the great things about War of Myths is that it is not what we know traditionally as a Trading Card Game or Collecting Card Game (Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Yugioh ...), where you must keep constantly buying booster with dozens of unusable cards crossing your fingers there is at least one you can use or paying ridiculously high prices for singles, Mysths at War has a marketing model more similar to the Living Card Games of Fantasy Flight Games, in which you buy a thematic box whose content is always the same but you can use in countless different ways, you can even use it to expand any other deck you have for other boxes.

Each box might be considered a game by itself, they include everything two players need to begin playing, and a little more for the sake of variety. I own Elder Ones in China, which includes Lovecraftian and Chinese pantheons, and Genies and Thieves, which includes arabian pantheons. Every box includes cards (150-162 of them), game rules and two lists of suggested decks so beginners can play immediately after buying a game box.

Myths at War is a Deckbuilding Game, and as stated above every box includes between 150 and 162 cards, each deck must have a minimum of 51 cards, being precisely this number of cards used in the suggested decks, leaving some dozens of unused cards that we would have available later to modify our decks or even make totally new ones.

In order, to play each player must have a Pantheon Card, these cards have permanent effects and/or abilities you may use during the game and also define your overall strategy, a deck of Gods with at least 20 cards and a deck of Designs with at least 30 cards.

Each player has three areas, Oracles , where the cards of the deck of Gods are disposed in five decks , Pantheon Area, the area where both the card of the Pantheon itself and the active cards are placed, and finally the Battlefield, where the battles between mortals, heroes and gods take place.

Spartacus CharacterIn Myths at War you must manage three diferent resources, the Designs cards, the only ones you will have in hand, where you will find equipment and actions, the Oracles made by the Deck of Gods, where you will find characters and resources, and finally your Power Pointswhich are at the same time your currency, to pay the costs of characters and equipment, and your life.

The goal in a War of Myths game is to get at least 30 Power Points after any Reorganization phase, additionally, and depending on the strategy of your deck you could instead try to make your rival(s) lose all of their Points, being eliminated on the spot.


To conclude this introduction to Myths at War I must speak of one of the best aspects of the game, and it is the highly competitive aspect of this game, whose cards are designed to be played with others being able to create really deadly combinations, it is a game that has a huge potential for fun, development and competitiveness, and GDM Games knows this, so they have an organized gaming system and tournaments in Spain but will soon be available to Europe, the US and the rest of the World.

I must also say Myths at war  is not yet available in the USA, but it will arrive soon by Cool Stuff Inc., so don't give up the hype, you can show your interest through the social networks of GDM Games. 



Having the opportunity to try Myths at War was an excellent experience for me, I had not played a deck-building game since I stopped playing a couple of famous Collectible Card Games and I must say that overall the experience has really pleased me, however not everything is positive, so I go first with the negative points.

The Lightning of ZeusCons

  • The writing of the rules it  seems to me that could improve a lot, even after reading the rules and to play step by step with rules in hand we had a huge amount of questions that were not solved there, I had to go to watch a couple videos and to resort to the community to clarify these doubts.
  • I can also say that the writing of some cards has confused me a little, but again the community has proven to be nice and worthy.


  • An active and helpful community, especially the Guerreros Mitológicos group on Facebook, a group frequented by the creator of the game, they I quickly answered my questions and solved my doubts about the rules. 
  • The community is very interactive, they even have something called Banning Tournaments, where the winner can ban one card for four months.
  • Once you understand the game it becomes simple .
  • The game is a lot of fun and the possibilities offered by the different combinations of cards make us want to look for hidden synergies that could benefit our style of play.
  • I repeat once again one of the things I like most, it is not a traditional TCG / CCG , you do not buy blind boosters crossing your fingers wishing they contain some useful card, if you buy Elder Ones in China you know you will have Sun Wukong and Cthulhu, as well as many other beings, you know that you will have a Jade Palace and an Unknown Kadath and so on with the other cards, if you have seen that box you know what it includes and whether or not it serves the deck you have or the one you are going to build .
  • The art , the letters are beautiful and although the style of some often disengage, there are others that are true beauties.
  • The Mitopedia offers a look at all the cards in the game, so you can see which ones would best suit your style of play so you can plan your purchases.

Pantheon R'lyehIn short, let's summarize, it is a nice game, very fun, highly competitive, requiring strategy and tactical decisions, which has resources management mechanics, direct confrontation, synergy between different cards and deck construction, with a couple of issues which can be easily corrected.

Would you recommend it? Of course, with closed eyes unless you do not like the features named above.




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