And the Winners of Infinity’s writing contest are…

Ladies, gentlemen, Aleph and others, we are happy to Announce the winners of Infinity’s writing contest in english.

As you may know we hosted a writing contest of our favorite games, Infinity and Aristeia!, we are ver proud of this community for the massive participation we had, but we are also proud of your patience as we took much more time as we intended to because of aliens invasions, quantity of material to read and other reasons.

We are here to tell you who are the winners of this fabulous contest, but before that, I want you to tell you we have written an Aristeia! review which you can check or share with you friends who don’t know this excellent game yet.


3rd Place: Bullet Train by Christopher Hobday

‘Expert mercenary hacker Inigo X attempts to pull off the perfect heist, backed up by hard-as-nails assistant Cherry and psychotic ship The Altered Cabrón, only to learn that even success comes with a cost.’

2nd Place: Brahman by David A. Baird

An Aleph aspect fights for her life in a city off the grid. 

1st Place One Riot by Paulo Prates

During the Wotan Conflict the Nomad nations sent out the Don Peyotte converted frigate to help with the war effort. The Official Mission of the Don Peyotte was to reinforce the Blockade; rescue survivors form the LaForja crash, and safeguard Nomad interests in the Wotan region.

However, the Don Peyotte was a target for attack by many forces, including several flash raids by the Combined Army, which seemed to fear the Pan Oceanian forces receiving reinforcements on the Sigtyr station, where the fate of the Wotan Blockade would be decided. In one such bloody raid, a squad of Riot Grrls would prove themselves instrumental in pushing back the Morat Assault.

This is the story of their small but pivotal contribution to the defense of the Don Peyotte.

Honorable Mentions

Just another Day by T. J. Pehnman

Two old friends and a military contingent attempt to flee the doomed city of Kravonia during the first days of the Third Offensive.

Reminiscing better times by Menno de Bode

Cor still remembers the Kohaku peninsula and the city Fukaitani from his student times. Now as a PanOceania soldier he is back on the peninsula after the Japanese uprising and trying to find his old friends.

Soon we’ll be publishing these stories in our blog, stay connected.

Post cover: Riot Grrl by Gio Guimaraes

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