ARISTEIA! The favorite (Blood)Sport in Infinity’s Human Sphere (REVIEW)

Aristeia! is a miniatures sci-fi (blood)sport board game in which two teams of four participants face each other to score the most points, read this review.

– Ladies and gentlemen, John, we are witnessing the last moments of the game, this could end at any moment, Wild Bill fire his pistols in a good move disabling Hexx3r, in …

– HEY! that’s not possible! take a look at Gata! she makes a feint to 8-Ball and slides under his legs, IT CAN NOT BE! She jumped over Maximus now and fell behind Miyamoto Mushashi, who has barely reacted but too late because Gata has already entered the score zone, getting a victory for her team.

– Amazing! really an excellent play, Fred, something that can be seen few times, an unexpected last-minute outcome. Really spectacular.

Aristeia! allows us to live the emotion of a Bloodsport game on the table of our dining room, plan tactics and strategies, adapt to the movements of the opposing team, counteract attacks and use our own resources in the best possible way will ensure a lot of fun every time we play.

Aristeia! Miyamoto Mushashi's miniature and cards

In Aristeia! board game we will be in charge of a team of four players with whom we will score points entering and remaining in a certain area of ​​the board.


Corvus Belli is a Spanish company that manufactures miniatures and board games, its main game is Infinity, a miniatures Wargame with science fiction theme, a game we have talked a lot in our blog.

In Infinity we are introduced to a universe with different alien species in conflict but it focuses on what we know as Human Sphere, this is the set of planets dominated by humankind.

In this setting humans have expanded and reached the stars, conquered hostile worlds, made contact with extraterrestrials, but the human essence follows us wherever we go, the «tribal» conflicts between nations continue to exist, as well as competitiveness and enjoyment, and with them the sports.

Aristeia! Board Game Hexx3r

There are several sports named or described in Infinity’s background books , but Aristeia! is the only one that has been shaped as a spin-off game apart from the main wargame.

Aristeia! began as a sport played by aspects of Aleph, androids with AI, in their synthetic bodies, until a group of intrepid humans dared to play, having signed respective disclaimer documents in case they died in the arena, and from that moment the game changed forever.

Today, Aristeia! is a massive event, which attracts millions of spectators and moves huge amounts of money in sponsorships, of course there are also bets and leagues at different levels, including illegal and brutal underground leagues.

  • Jugando Aristeia!
  • Jugando Aristeia!
  • Jugando Aristeia!

The Game

Like many sports board games Aristeia! is for two people, each of them in charge of a team of characters, to manage their teams each player will have a team control board.

The game field is called Hexadome, a hexagonal board divided into small hexagons pattern where the characters play to amuse their audience, in this board you can clearly see some blocked spaces as well as the areas of annotation.

Aristeia Hexadome board and content

Before starting to play, you must choose the type of scenario that will be used, this is very important because some strategic decisions will depend on it.

There are two decks of common cards, one for each team, with basic game actions to which we will add two of the four cards of special actions for each character we have, these are part of the advantages offered by each character and something to take into account to choose properly the characters according to the style of game we prefer.

Aristeia! Gata's Card

Each character also has a card with data and skills and another little card with its initiative value that will serve to choose secretly when each character will participate, its value will indicate which will go first, if ours or the opposite character.

It should be noted that the game is made in such a way that both players are always active.


The manufacturing materials are of the highest quality, the insert is totally suitable, the miniatures… well, did you expect anything other than excellence? Corvus Belli has us (well) accustomed to offer us some of the most beautiful miniatures of the market in this scale and theme, simply beautiful, in addition, some of them have alternative versions.

Aristeia!'s base box miniatures painted by Miniaturas Estadio War Game
Aristeia!’s base box miniatures beautifully painted by Miniaturas Estadio War Game

Highly dynamic game rules, and no waste, with a variety of effects and abilities that expand with every expansion set. In addition to this it is important to note that Corvus Belli has created a League for Aristeia! the AGL ( Aristeia! Global League ) and they are determined to maintain a healthy and organized gaming community.

In short, after playing Aristeia! several times it has become one of the favorite games for my son and me. The possibility of being part of the organized game of Aristeia! is something extraordinary and we will surely enjoy it.

Fully recommended if you want a highly competitive and customizable game, with few miniatures.

I hope you liked this first article about this great game because I’m sure it will not be the only one, remember that you can leave us comments here or through our social networks. What would you like to know about this game? A review explaining the mechanics in detail? A tactical / strategic analysis of the units? Any other topic?

Before saying goodbye I invite you to join the Infinity’s largest community in Facebook WGC Infinity.

Maximus Thermopilae, an alternative Sculpt for this character masterfully painted by Miniaturas Estadio Wargames
Maximus Thermopilae, an alternative Sculpt for this character masterfully painted by Miniaturas Estadio Wargames

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