Infinity Operation: Coldfront, Tartary Army Corps TAK, analysis (+strategies)

Some time ago I reviewed Infinity Operation: Coldfront, the new two players starter box for this miniatures game, now let’s talk a little about the strategic and tactical aspects of the Tartary Army Corps TAK models of Ariadna included in that box.

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But before I begin, I remind you that the new Third Offensive expansion   whose launch we covered some days ago is currently in pre-order, while in pre-order you will obtain an exclusive miniature totally free and if your order exceeds € 160 you will also have free shipping.


Let’s start with the most basic troops, the Line Kazaks, there are three models, these soldiers of Ariadna, trained in the hostile Dawn have average statistics and basic weapons, good to defend the deployment area or as a resource of economic orders to use with units more offensive

It is also good to note that being Tartary Army Corps TAK a sectorial army two to five Line Kazaks can be deployed as a Fireteam Core or as a part of a special Core, if we have a maximum of four Lines Kazaks accompanied by a Frontovik, giving them the corresponding bonuses that which are not despicable, besides it help us economizing orders that we can use with more offensive or support units.

It’s worth noting they also have a paramedic option.


The members of the fierce Tankhunters Regiment count as Medium Infantry, they are protected with an armor that gives them ARM 3 but it reduces their mobility by having MOV 4-2.

They have CH: Camouflage, V: Courage and also, according to the rules of ITS 10 for Medium Infantry, they can deploy as if they had Advanced Deployment L1, granting them 4 in. more terrain to enter the game. The Tankhunters are tough guys, they do not shy away from enemy attacks and their sense of duty pushes them to serve their nation.

With those additional 4 in. in the deployment they compensate a bit the shortness of their second movement, helping them to position themselves where they are required, also in their selection of weapons Tankhunters have a variety of options with AP ammunition which is especially useful to neutralize armored units, the Adhesive Launcher will allow you to stop advancing units and your Automatic Portable Cannon will give you a powerful long range weapon to hit enemies with AP + EXP charges before they can get too close.

With this sole unit we could complete six of the twenty goal cards of ITS 10.


Ariadna Infinity Operation Coldfront Scout statistics

Like his comrade Tankhunter, the Scout possesses CH: Camouflage, but he additionally has Infiltration, being able to freely deploy up the middleground of the terrain or even being able to enter the enemy half of the terrain by passing a -3 PHI check, which will allow him to begin harassing the enemy as soon as possible.

Among your weapon options are the dreaded anti-personnel mines to defend you actively, a Boarding Shotgun for close encounters, if you want to be chasing and eliminating fighters behind the enemy lines, or, if you prefer to keep your distance, you could also choose a Sniper Rifle with AP ammo or a good Ariadne hunting rifle called Ojotnik, as we can see the Scout is a versatile unit.

If it is not enough, his Marksmanship L1 is an addition that increases his lethality.

The Scout alone could perform four of the twenty objectives of the ITS 10 deck, due to his classification as an elite troop as well as his D-Charges.


Definitely one of the stars of the box, a robust and very striking mechanized armor, the Armata-2 Proyekt ‘RATNIK’. We are facing an armored monster with ARM 6 and two profiles, each with a Wound point but thanks to the high armoring it will give headaches to more than one.

His selection of weapons makes him formidable.

The Ratnik can work as a difficult obstacle to overcome in narrow places in close combat, with its Heavy Shotgun, a heavy pistol, but especially its new Trench-Hammer, a CC weapon with «DA ammunition» which you can throw up to 8 in.. At Mid-range with your Molotok, Panzefausts or heavy Rocket Launcher will make rain lead and fire on your enemies bringing a hell to the gaming table.

We can not forget about his abilities, he has Fireteam Duo, which will allow us to save orders, which we can give the Scout to destroy the morale of the enemies or any of the other unit that requires it. Lo-Tech A is the one that allows us to use the alternative Battle Ravaged profile when the unit loses its first Wound point and it also gives immunity to Shock type ammunition. Heavyweight limits access to places that are too narrow. To end with V: Dogged which will allow the Ratnik to use his last breath to fulfill his mission.

I will not dismiss this colossus without mentioning that it also has a very useful minesweeper, which will clean the terrain of those annoying weapons. It should be noted that despite what some people thought at first Ratnik is hackable, unfortunately for the players of Ariadna.


We are talking about a Heavy Infantry unit, what we could say is a kind of one-man minitank, the Veteran Kazak is a soldier battled in combats against the indigenous forces of Dawn, hardened in the forge of battle and with many resources at your service.

This elite troop in armor is non-hackable, has Shock Immunity, CH: Mimetism, making it a difficult target to shoot, being Veteran N2 is not affected by Retreat!!! state, in addition to possessing Sixth Sense N2 and V: No wound incapacitation.

If you think it is too little in the Tartary Army Corps TAK Veteran Kazaks can be in a Fireteam Core Special with up to two additional Veteran Kazaks and two Frontoviks, but if you have no more Veteran Kazaks because you are just starting your collection with the box of Operation: Coldfront you can include it in your Fireteam Core with the three Line Kazaks units from the box or adding a Frontovik! making a Fireteam Core Special, because the Veteran Kazak counts as a wild card, in, being able to integrate in any Sectorial Fireteam, in this cases he would count as a Line Kazak.

It has a good variety of weapons available, but the T2 rifle coupled with its X Visor and its Light Flamethrower will bring chaos among the enemy troops, and almost all its weapon options have AP ammunition, so it will be very useful against armored targets.

Of all the models available for Ariadna in Infinity Operation: Coldfront, the veteran Veteran Kazak is the main candidate for Lieutenant, of course we must be prepared for a possible premature loss due to his aggressive style of play.

So this was my little analysis, I hope you liked it and comment with your opinions or criticisms. I also take this opportunity to remind you to join the Infinity the Game en Español if you want to stay in touch with spanish talking communities and WGC Infinity to be part of the largest Facebook community of this awesome game. 

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All the thumbnails in this publication were painted by Miniaturas Estadio Wargame as a commission for BQTOGames.

Update: added some details thanks to our friends of BQTOGames.

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