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In partnership with Corvus Belli, we are pleased to invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of Third Offensive, the fourth book for Infinity the game by taking part in our Writing Contest of Infinity The Game.

Infinity is a miniatures wargame taking place against a near-future backdrop. It has a rich universe with a lot of potential, it is also part of the wargames that have invested in literature to enrich their universe and bring it closer to its players, as well as other enthusiasts.

On the other hand Aristeia! is a bloodsport, something in the style of the films like The Running Man by Stephen King or The Hunger Games, which is the most popular form of entertainment in The Human Sphere – a violent and very lucrative event, taking place in an arena known as a hexadome, where two groups of combatants (known as Aristos) compete to score more points and win the most support of sponsors.

Infinity Third Offensive book internal preview
Infinity Third Offensive book internal preview


As you know, at Wargarage.org, we are fans of reading, and this recently led us to write an article about miniature wargames with literature is published in the form of novels, comics, or graphic novels. Of course, Infinity has a place in this category, thanks to Outrage and the efforts regarding the background of the game.

Thinking about this, and inspired by the Nexus Challenge of our friends at La Cueva del Lobo, we wanted to make a writing contest for our audience and our friends at Corvus Belli liked the idea so much that they have offered us prize support to help with this endeavour. 

Infinity Outrage cover with promo miniature (not in scale)
Infinity Outrage cover with promo miniature (not in scale)

Infinity is a miniature wargame that has a constantly evolving backstory, as we have seen in the campaign books made to supplement the game, such as the launch of Uprising, Operations Icestorm, Red Veil, and Coldfront  as well as the Third Offensive, that something we love this because the game feels alive and we can influence the changes that have occurred in this universe through the reports made when playing the events alongside their annual Beasts of War Campaign that also dictates the backstory in interesting ways through the actions of the players. 

One condition of this contest is that the story is framed within the Infinity Universe. If you are a player of the game, you will know that most of the background is disseminated within the game books, the Outrage manga, and more recently – the official Infinity Roleplaying Game by Modiphius Entertainment. 

If you want to know a little more about the game as such, as well as the specialities of each faction, I recommend the article in the Dice Abide «Infinity. Which faction is for you?«

If you do not know anything about Infinity and you just want to write some awesome science-fiction – don’t worry –  Corvus Belli offers a short summary on the official website of Infinity and some articles on their official blog , with enough content to have an idea of the universe and develop a story that fits into the vast tapestry that is the Human Sphere. If you would like to take part and don’t feel like you know enough about the universe, don’t be discouraged. Just read a bit of background information and let your imagination do the rest – we want to hear YOUR story. 


Corvus Belli has kindly offered to provide prize support for this event. The prizes will be as follows:

  • First Place: Third Offensive Book (+ Surprise)
  • Second Place: Uprising Book
  • Third Place: Outrage Graphic Novel 


The rules of the contest are as follows:

Infinity Uprising Cover
Infinity Uprising Cover
  • The stories must be between 1500 and 5000 words.
  • The story must take place in the Human Sphere. 
  • The subject of your story can be anything. Let your imagination run wild. 
  • The story cannot be about any of the personalities that are considered part of the core universe (ie. Ajax the Great, Knauf, Miyomoto Mushashi, etc), although they may be named or make short appearances. It is also permitted to write a story that utilizes the background from Aristeia! (remember, it is not only the top circuit that plays the game – there are plenty of underground Aristeia! matches as well). 
  • Only one story per person will be accepted. 
  • The contest will run from the date of publication of this post until February 28, 2019 . Winners will be announced during Infinity Week sometime in March 2019.
  • The stories must be sent to eventos@wargarage.org  with the full details of the author, including names, surnames, country of origin and date of birth, as well as your username on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram if you have them.
  • All participants must follow the accounts of Infinity The Game, Aristeia! The Game, and Wargarage.org on Facebook, and if possible follow @wargarage on Twitter, and @_wargarage_ on  Instagram as well, we also invite you to join us in WGC Infinity Facebook group, the biggest Infinity community in the world, as well as Infinity the Game en Español if you speak spanish or want to share with spanish talking communities. 
  • All qualifying stories will be published in an individual publication on Wargarage.org
  • The stories must be unpublished and completely original.
  • All stories must be accompanied by a logline of a maximum of 300 words, which will be used to generate interest in the reader both on the blog and on various social networks. All stories must be sent in an .rtf file.
  • By submitting the stories for the contest, the participants agree to assign the rights of the story and the characters created for it to Corvus Belli SL. The Author will receive proper credits when his or her story is published.
  • The prizes will be: Third Offensive Book (+ Surprise), Uprising Book , Outrage Graphic Novel for the first, second and third place.
  • The jury will be composed of highly qualified specialists both in literature and in the background of Infinity. Some will be employees of Corvus Belli SL. 
  • In case of any modification, this publication will be updated, and people will be notified in our social networks and by mail to those who have already registered their submission. 
  • There is a similar contest in spanish language, both contests are independent and each one has its own set of prizes.


The following will result in the automatic disqualification of a submission:

  • The text does not include the author’s data.
  • Submission lack of logline.
  • The text possess more than 10 spelling or grammatical errors 
  • The story is not within the proposed theme. 
  • It was sent through other means than the email indicated above.

Update 1

Our friends at Miniaturas Estadio Wargame studio have decided to support this contest, so they will give one piece of scnery to one contestant, it is a finely crafted and exclusive building for desert terrains, ideal for Haqqislam terrains.

We will give this building to the winner of a raffle among all contestants of this literary contest.

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