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Wanted 7 hire bandits for protection in the Wild West (review)

Welcome to the Wild West, a place where beer and whiskey run like water, the outlaws rules over the town and only the roughest survive. While living in the gold rush era you will need protection, for this you will have to hire bandits of the seven bands that hit the town and create your own group of protectors, today we are talking about the Wanted 7 Board Game of GDM Games. Wanted 7 board game from GDM games box and content Wanted 7 is a board game, edited by GDM Games (Myths at War, Metal Mania, among others),...

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Skull Tales: Full Sail! Miniatures Game goes to Kickstarter

After the successful crowdfunding campaign for RatLand, Draco Ideas and Eclipse Editorial return to the ring with another proposal in Kickstarter which looks very good, it is nothing less than the miniatures game called Skull Tales: Full sail! These publishers do not take a breath, Ratland has barely reached his backers, stores and distributors and they have already announced their new campaign, with a game in which they have been working since last year. The launch date will be next Tuesday, May 8 at 4:00 pm (Spanish time), that day is also the first anniversary of the launching of...

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