Pooky’s Painting Palace miniature painting tips

We have contacted Drew Richardson, AKA Pooky from Pooky’s Painting Palace, asking for some miniature painting tips and how he paints his miniatures, that’s what he told us.

We have contacted him after seeing a nice Shasvastii Mentor WIP (Work In Progress) from Infinity The Game he posted in WGC Infinity Group in Facebook. He accepted to tell us some miniature painting tips of how he painted this miniature.

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Paints Used:

  • Jacket: MSP Muddy Brown, Earth Brown, Leather Brown (09028-30)
  • Jacket Trim: MSP Chestnut Gold, Palomino Gold, Buckskin Pale (09073-75)
  • Guns/Silver Metals: MSP Pure Black, Tempest Grey, Pure White (09037, 09438, 09039)
  • Purple Armor: MSP Regal Purple, Monarch Purple, Royal Purple (09238-40)
  • Orange Bits: MSP Fire Red, Phoenix Red, Fire Orange (09004-6)
  • Base: Combo of Pure Black, Pure White, and Vallejo Game Color Filthy Brown.
  • Skin: Vallejo Model Color Beighe WWII (70.821), Deck Tan (70.986), and Ivory (70.918)

Pooky’s miniature painting tips

Start with pure black on everything.

Then I do pure black + the darkest of whatever color I want. Let’s use Purple as an example. So I do pure black + Regal Purple. Then I paint everywhere except the darkest shadows, where you leave it as Pure Black.

Then I do just Regal Purple. I paint everywhere, but a thin layer of Pure Black, and then Pure Black + Regal Purple.

Then I do Regal Purple + Monarch Purple, and do it again. So it’s almost like you’re running around a race track. Each lap is a new color combo, but the track gets smaller each lap. This provides a smooth transition. Please see illustration to help better understand.

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I’m more than HAPPY to provide as much info as you want on my technique. Is there anything additional you want to ask me, or anything I could better explain? I love doing this stuff. Sharing my recipes and techniques makes better painters, which makes the game look better for new players, and they want to start playing more. We all win with better painted stuff.

If you Liked the tips and miniatures from Pooky, Drew Richardson, you could go to his Facebook page, Pooky’s Painting Palace, or contact him in WGC Infinity Facebook group, he paints commissions too.

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