Circle of Blood: A unique game of adventure and strategy in a dark fantasy world in Kickstarter

Circle of Blood is a campaign-style skirmish game in a dark fantasy world on Kickstarter by HT Publishers. Unlike other games of this genre, it requires very few miniatures to start playing, a story driven and rich miniatures game, if you like Mordheim Frostgrave and the like take a look at it.

Welcome to Gormalak

Would you like to travel to a dark fantasy world where magic and technology coexist? where Order, Chaos and Death rule the fate of its inhabitants? Do you dare to enter the legendary city of Gormalak, a gothic city full of dangers and mysteries? If your answer is yes, then you are interested in knowing the world of Farenhell, the setting of Circle of Blood.

Farenhell is a world where Order, Chaos, and Death compete for power and influence over people and nations. Each of these forces has its own gods, who grant them their blessings and curses. Magic is a palpable reality in this world, but so is technology, which has allowed the development of weapons, vehicles, and incredible devices. However, not everything is wonderful in Farenhell, as there is darkness, corruption and violence.

The game focuses on the city of Gormalak, an ancient metropolis now plunged into chaos and decay. Gormalak is a city of contrasts, where wealth and poverty, culture and ignorance, law and crime coexist. It is a city where anything can happen, where there are hidden secrets, and where battles are fought for the control of its resources and territories.

Circle of Blood is a campaign-style skirmish game in a dark fantasy world on Kickstarter by HT Publishers.

In this context, the players create their own guilds of adventurers, which can belong to Order, Chaos or Death, or be independent. The guilds are groups of heroes who dedicate themselves to exploring the streets of Gormalak, looking for treasures, solving mysteries or fulfilling assignments. The guilds can cooperate or compete with each other, according to their interests and alliances. The guilds can also participate in a main plot, which will lead them to discover the secrets of Gormalak and face its greatest threats.

This is the setting of Circle of Blood, a game that invites you to live a unique adventure in a fascinating world. Do you dare to be part of it?

What is Circle of Blood?

Circle of Blood is a cooperative wargame that combines elements of role-playing and strategy, set in the world of Farenhell. In this game, the players create their own adventurers, customizing them with feats and spells, and face different missions that are part of a main plot.

The game uses 32 mm miniatures and scale scenery to recreate the tactical confrontations between the guilds and their enemies. The game has three modes: solo, cooperative and competitive. In cooperative mode, the players join forces to overcome the challenges posed by the game. In competitive mode, the players face each other for the control of resources or territories. In solo mode, the players can enjoy the game without needing other companions.

Circle of Blood is a game that offers you a unique experience of cooperative wargame, with elements of role-playing and strategy. You can create your own heroes, customize them with feats and spells, and face different missions that are part of a main plot. You can play alone, with your friends or against them, using 32 mm miniatures and scale scenery. You can enjoy a game with great graphic, narrative and playable quality, that will make you live an exciting adventure in the streets of Gormalak.

What do you need and how do you play Circle of Blood?

To play Circle of Blood you will need few things besides the basic book: a table where to play (45×45″, about 120 x 120cm), miniatures (you can use those you have at home or take advantage to acquire those figures that you like so much but did not know where to use them, or check out Mokha Blue’s catalog, which has an official line of miniatures for the game), a tape measure or ruler capable of measuring in inches (”), a set of role-playing dice (d4, d6, d8, d10 y d20), a copy of the control sheets at the end of the book and a pencil.

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The game is divided into turns, in which each player activates one of his adventurers and performs actions as they can using its Action points, such as moving, attacking, using an object or casting a spell. Then, the opposing player activates one of his adventurers and does the same. So on until all adventurers have acted. If there are enemies controlled by the game, they act following some behavior tables that indicate what they do in each situation. The game is resolved by rolling dice, comparing the attributes and skills of the adventurers with the difficulties and resistances of the enemies. The game ends when the objective of the mission is met or when one of the guilds withdraws or is eliminated.

Circle of Blood is a game easy to learn but difficult to master, that will test you with each mission and each decision. You will have to use your wit and strategy to overcome the obstacles and enemies that you will find on your way. You will have to adapt to unforeseen situations and surprises that await you in Gormalak. You will have to cooperate with your companions or compete against them, depending on the game mode you choose. You will have to live the story of your adventurers, who will evolve with each game and each experience.

The new Circle of Blood campaign by HT Publishers and Last Bullet Games: features and why we recommend supporting it

Circle of Blood was successfully funded in 2017 by Last Bullet Games, a Spanish company that has created a game with great graphic, narrative, and playable quality. Now, the game seeks support for a new, improved and expanded edition, which includes new rules, miniatures, missions, and supplements. This new edition is being published by HT Publishers, a publisher specialized in role-playing games and wargames, which has the support and experience of more than 10 years in the sector.

The new Circle of Blood campaign is currently on Kickstarter, the most popular crowdfunding platform in the world. There you can see more details, images, videos, and rewards of the project. You can get the game at a special price, with exclusive miniatures, additional books, and other extras. You can participate in the game community, giving your opinion, making suggestions, or sharing your experiences. You can follow the progress of the project, with frequent and transparent updates.

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Why do we recommend supporting this campaign?

Because Circle of Blood is a unique, original, and fun game, that offers you hours and hours of entertainment and adventure. Because Circle of Blood is a game made with passion, dedication, and professionalism, by a team of creators who love what they do. Because Circle of Blood is a game that is worth having in your collection, whether you are a fan of wargame, role-playing, or both.

Do not hesitate and visit the project page on Kickstarter. Support the adventure of Circle of Blood and be part of this dream come true. Cheer up and participate in the adventure of Circle of Blood!

Circle of Blood by HT Publishers — Kickstarter

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