Bring the Magic of Venice to Your Game Table with Water Spire, Kickstarter campaign by Chris Abbey & Iain Lovecraft

Water Spire invites you to recreate part of Venice, the very famous Italian city with its canals and gondolas, on your game tables and dioramas, learn more about this Kickstarter campaign here.

Venice, few cities in the world are so well known and inspiring, its mere mention evokes its famous canals, boat rides (gondolas), accordions, and romance, or maybe it’s just my impression, the truth is that it is undoubtedly a city famous for its glamor and uniqueness, it is something unique and beautiful.

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It is no coincidence that there are so many films set in Venice, from Summertime in 1955 with Katherine Hepburn, or Death in Venice in 1971, to 007: Casino Royale or Spider-Man, going through Indiana Jones, The Italian job and many others. It is a city that has seen romances, adventures, robberies, shootings, boat chases and plenty of action.

The idea of a game table recreating Venice seems to me one of the most brilliant things that someone has come up with in this regard. Today it is possible to get a table full of the beautiful architectural style of Venice thanks to Water Spire by the Chriss Abbey and Iain Lovecraft duo, Chris is the Sally 4th’s owner who we already knew for their equally spectacular project, Harlot’s Den, a project that also It came with an addition of rules in Spanish to use all its models using the Pulp Alley game system.

water spire venecia wargame

This setting would be spectacular with Pulp Alley, because it is so flexible that you can make almost any story, be it Doctor Who stopping his eternal enemies, the Daleks, or James Bond doing his thing while being chased through the city canals, everything It’s possible with Pulp Alley and this setting looks great on it.

Of course, it could also be used for other systems and games like Mordheim, Frostgrave, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or in static model Dioramas, imagination is the limit. In fact, in the same campaign they give you examples of games that they have used with that scenery, like the following examples. (Rules and some of those miniatures are not included in the campaign).

Screenshot 7
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Regarding the canals, it should be noted that they are totally modular, being able to assemble them as you wish, you print the pieces that you need and build your own version of Venice. I show you some of the pieces.


Would you like to know more about the Water Spire campaign?

As with their previous campaign, by supporting Water Spire we will obtain a set of digital files that we can print or send to print in resin or plastic, it has two levels of support, the «All included» for approximately 60USD and the commercial for about 200USD approximately, the latter is only relevant if you plan to print the pieces to sell them. In addition, by supporting them you can also purchase other past Iain Lovecraft campaigns at a preferential price.

Currently the Water Spire campaign has unlocked many additional goals, each one more spectacular than the last, including Il Convento della Misericordia, so you’ll have plenty to keep those printers busy.

il convento della misericordia water spire
il convento della misericordia Water Spire Kickstarter campaign

As for the miniatures, I can only say that I love them, I love the evil harlequins and clowns, the ones in this campaign are especially interesting for those who play Mordheim, the plague doctor and the other miniatures like the Lovecraftian monsters are simply beautiful, and the painting job by Miniaturas Estadio Wargame make them shine, I have only chosen a small sample to show you here, if you want to see the rest, visit their Kickstarter campaign.

  • water spire venecia arlequin
  • water spire venecia doctor plaga
  • water spire venecia horrores

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I am very excited to make a table with these beautiful buildings, and the campaign miniatures are great. What do you think? I leave you the link to the Water Spire campaign on Kickstarter so you can see it complete and support it if you like it.

WaterSpire by Christopher Abbey — Kickstarter

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