ARISTEIA! The favorite (Blood)Sport in Infinity’s Human Sphere (REVIEW)

Aristeia! is a miniatures sci-fi (blood)sport board game in which two teams of four participants face each other to score…


Infinity Third Offensive, the latest expansion for Infinity the Game

Third Offensive is Corvus Belli's miniatures wargame Infinity the game, latest expansion, we wrote this review for you to know…


Infinity Operation: Coldfront, Tartary Army Corps TAK, analysis (+strategies)

Infinity Operation: Coldfront is the new two players starter box for this miniatures games, this is a newbie friendly analysis…


Sector 6 Board Game Review

Sector 6 is a game from Dracoideas publisher succesfully funded through Kickstarter, it's a board game with tile placement, direct confrontation,…


Star Trek Adventures RPG Look, setting and content Review

Review of the role-playing game Star Trek Adventures, the Star Trek themed RPG published by Modiphius under its 2d20 system,…


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