Infinity Operation: Coldfront Aleph OperationS Analysis and Strategies

Now is time to review and make a tactical-strategic analysis to the new Aleph sectorial, OperationS, included in the starter box of Infinity Operation: Coldfront.

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As we said in our review of Infinity Operation: Coldfront, according to the lore in this box, Aleph sends a contiongent of agents to establish two Applekton bases in Breaking Dawn to look for aliens from the Combined Army, these units are part of a special operations group called OperationS, a new sectorial army which responds to the Special Situations Section or SSS.

These bases would be located in the exclusion zone administered by Ariadna, who have taken this decision as an abuse of power from the Artificial Intelligence of the Human Sphere and a violation of their sovereignty, which is why they have sent a contingent of the Tartary Army Corps Sectorial Army (TAK) to confront OperationS droids and robots, this response received the name of Operation: Coldfront.

Tacbots Dakini

The Dakini Tacbots will be the defensive base and main source of orders for this sectorial, being equivalent to the function of the Line Kazaks in TAK. However your MOV, your competent DC and your CO: Mimetism give them a good offensive capability.

Although its weapon selection is not very powerful it becomes more interesting when grouped in a Fireteam Core, in it there can be up to four Dakinis and up to two Devas Functionaries, keeping in mind that 5 is the maximum number of models in a Fireteam Core.

The box includes three Dakinis and a Deva Functionary, enough to obtain a Fireteam Core L4 obtaining Sixth Sense L2, Burst +1 and with the Deva we could assign an Assisted Fire Gadget, so the leader could also have Marksmanship L2, making it more lethal.

So far, so good, but not everything can be perfect, it turns out that our Dakinis are vulnerable to hacking, which can be a problem.

Finally, it is noteworthy that these robots have a medical option, which can be quite useful when interacting with injured targets and fighters, something to which we could take advantage due to the speed of these units.

Deva Functionaries

Deva Functionaries can be good tactical lieutenants. In the previous section we talked about how they could increase their lethality being part of a Core Fireteam and using a Gadget hacking program, however, knowing that in this operation we will fight Ariadna and her camouflaged troops, maybe it is better to opt for the Deva Functionary with Multispectral Visor L2, Spitfire and Nanopulser or Sensor, Combi Rifle and Nanopulser.

With this last profile it will be much easier to find all those camouflaged troops and destroy them with your nanopulser.

His ability of V: No Wound Incapacitation will require that he suffer two wounds to effectively neutralize him (this or the attacker must have some Shock special ammunition or similar), if we add a Dakini with Medkit, his Cube 2.0 would allow the Dakini to repeat a failed roll to heal him, making him harder to kill, it would be a great combination in the tactical team.

The Deva Functionaries are Elite troops, so they will be useful to fulfill several objectives of the ITS 10 deck.

Shukra Consultants

OperationS, Aleph sectorial army, also includes in this Starter box, a support model for the lieutenant and second in command.

We are talking about the Shukra Consultant, a model with Chain of Command, which avoids the state of Loss of Lieutenant, he also have Counterintelligence, to control the possible damages of Command Tokens used by our rivals, and V: Courage. Who also has Biometric Viewer L2, which will be very useful when we face rivals who use Impersonation, Holoeco or holoprojector. Although if you decide to use it as the Lieutenant instead you would have the Strategos L1 ability, converting your Lieutenant order into a regular order.

As we can see in the factsheet, Shukra Coonsultants has few weapon options.

Their Cube 2.0 will allow you to reroll an unsuccessful healing check or continue using the same character in another physical body throughout a campaign, thanks to their backup.

Yadu Troopers, Tactical Assault Team

The tactical Assault Team known as Yadu Troops, is a team made up of Veteran Troops whose experience in the battlefield can be noted in their abilities and options they offer to our armies.

As for the armament, despite being very rich and powerful, we may feel they are missing some options at a long distance. The Yadu can carry MULTI  Rifles, these have three functions Burst (AP / Shock), Antimateriel and Stun. So we can anticipate they will be very useful to accomplish several missions.

Their E / Marat option will prove to be useful, because it allow us to isolate and immobilize enemy troops when hit by an electromagnetic pulse, we can even disable communications equipment that they carry with them.

With its Drop Bears you can soften the enemy army a bit.

Regarding their abilities, V: No Wound Incapacitation and their immunity to Shock will allow us to perform operations with relative safety. While Veteran L1 will be useful only when the Lieutenant is lost, and there is no model left with the Chain of Command in play.

It is remarkable the variety of Fireteams the Yadu troopers have access to, as we can see in the image above. Like the others, with the exception of Tacbots Dakini, they also own Cube 2.0 with the advantages that it confers on them.


The model of Naga included in the box is the sniper, we are before an infiltration unit, it will allow her to be deployed anywhere on the table, except in the enemy deployment zone. 

If we use her as a defender and manage to place it in a place with good visibility, we can face the enemy units that try to advance towards our area.

Her CO: Camouflage ability is very useful to avoid being shot and V: Dogged will allow her to remain lethal until she dies.

Now, if you use it as an offensive player in a good position, it can wreak havoc and keep enemies at bay while advancing your army.

As for the sniper profile, the Nagas carry a MULTI Sniper Rifle, this is very useful in many scenarios to be able to alternate between the Perforant, antimatter and stun modes.

Besides the sniper option, we can use Nagas to plant mines and sow terror and chaos behind the enemy lines thanks to its lethal monofilament mines, antipersonnel mines and boarding shotgun, in her close combat configuration.

Finally, it also has a Cube 2.0, which, as estated before, would allow a medic repeating a failed healing test or use it in another scenario in the same campaign after having died as if it were the same.

With this we have already analyzed the profiles of both factions included in the Starter box of Infinity Operation: Coldfront, but we have already planned the next analysis, this time of the Advanced Pack of this starter box for two players, this pack includes units for both Factions, a bestial Antipode with a Trench-Hammer among them, we will see what are the contributions of every one of them to their respective armies.


As we could see Aleph OperationS sectorial is pretty varied and powerful, having read the previous article about the analysis of the Tartary Army Corps (TAK) troops included in the infinity box. Operation: Coldfront What do you think about it? interesting?

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All the miniatures in this post were painted by Miniaturas Estadio Wargame as a commission for the BQTOGames store.

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