Wanted 7 hire bandits for protection in the Wild West (review)

Welcome to the Wild West, a place where beer and whiskey run like water, the outlaws rules over the town and only the roughest survive. While living in the gold rush era you will need protection, for this you will have to hire bandits of the seven bands that hit the town and create your own group of protectors, today we are talking about the Wanted 7 Board Game of GDM Games.

Wanted 7 board game from GDM games box and content
Wanted 7 board game from GDM Games box and content

Wanted 7 board game from GDM games box and content

Wanted 7 is a board game, edited by GDM Games (Myths at War, Metal Mania, among others), with a colorful cowboy theme, set in one of those famous Saloon where people of the Wild West used to go for fun and booze.

As landowners settled in a lawless land, we’ll need to hire bandits of the seven bands that live in the surroundings to protect us, for this we must overcome our opponents in different rounds, but in the end we will take into account the variety of contracted bands, as well as how many members each of the players have.


Wanted 7 comes in a square box 20cm x 20cm x 5.5cm. The content of the box is as follows:

Wanted 7 de GDM Games, Componentes
Wanted 7 de GDM Games, Componentes

Wanted 7 by GDM Games, Components:

  • 1 game board
  • 6 decks of identical cards but with different colors, one for each player.
  • 1 «First Player» card.
  • 35 bandit tokens.
  • 6 scoreboards.
  • 2 plastic bags with airtight seal.
  • 4 rulebooks, one in each of the following languages: spanish, english, german and french.

The game board simulates a saloon table, it is divided into whiskey and beer areas, in the middle is a graphical guide to calculate score and a track to keep into account how many points each player has.

In front of each chair you can see a circle to place the bandits tokens, in some chairs there is a bonus of +1 or +2, additionally in the headers we see two chairs to be used when we play with 3 to 6 players and 5 to 6 players, respectively, these spots have the particularity that they are in a neutral area, represented by milk, that means, they are not affected by beer or whiskey, we’ll see the importance of this below.

All the players have a deck with the same nine cards excepting for the color, they are numbered from one to five, the first three numbers having a drawing indicating special abilities.

As for the quality of the materials, the board is quite good, it is sturdy and printed on threaded paper, the cards are of good size (88mm x 63mm) and good manufacture, the quality and tact remember to those of Myths at War, the score counters fulfill their function and finally the bandit tokens, which are fine but I’d really wish they were a little thicker.


Wanted 7 uses auction, hand management and collections mechanics, with a very high dose of interaction between players where low blows, unexpected plays and laughters are assured.

First give each player their correspondent cards and markers, as well as the black card of the first player who will start the game, then randomly place as many bandits as appropriate according to the number of players, the rest is saved for the next round .

The objective of the game is to hire the bandits for protection, to afford this we must be the ones who offer more money to the bandits, this is symbolized by the number of the cards. In Wanted 7 each player plays a card in his/her turn, drawing immediately another card and giving way to the next player.

As a rule you can only put one card in an empty chair or on top of another with a smaller number, however the cards from one to three have some surprises in the form of special effects. So we have:

Example of Wanted 7 game
Example of Wanted 7 game

Cards of value one mean that you invite a round of beer or whiskey to soften the outlaws, this cards can be placed on top of any other card in the corresponding half of the board, in the other half they have no ability.

Cards of value two have a revolver pointing to the side and when placed on a chair they shoot whoever they have on their right or left as appropriate, it is important to note that the cards should always be placed with the bottom pointing to the center of the board, In addition, we must be careful because we could eliminate one of our cards as well.

Cards of value three symbolize a magic trick, by placing them on other cards (on a one or two), they can be relocated, in the same order in which they were, on another seat where it is legal to do it.

The round ends when all the seats are occupied or when the players run out of cards. The points are counted and the counter is advanced by the corresponding number of squares.

Each round’s score will depend on the value of your winner cards at the end of the round plus the seat bonuses obtained. At the end of the game an adjustment of points is made counting the amount of bands hired, rewarding the variety, and the number of members for each, rewarding the number of bandits for each band.


Wanted 7 can be described as a filler, because the game last a short time, it is a very simple game, easy to explain and with a high dose of interaction in the form of direct attacks against the cards of your opponents. The laughter and revengeful stares will be assured.

Therefore, I would recommend it for those who want to have a fun time, perhaps in the breaks between a heavy game and another or to throw some games laughing at their own misfortunes and others in a game as fun as unpredictable.

I would not recommend it to highly susceptible people and people who doesn’t like games where other players are free to attack you and can destroy your plans at any time.

In my case, we loved it, both of my children (Boy 10yo and girl 8yo), my wife and I liked Wanted 7 very much and we laugh a lot every time we play, in fact with the little time we have with this game it has been played more than others we have owned for a long time.

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